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Enjoy peace of mind with extended warranty coverage on your hearing aids.

Once your coverage expires or you have lost your hearing aid, the cost of replacing that device can be expensive. With Protection Plus, you can extend your loss and accidental damage coverage and provide yourself with invaluable peace-of-mind. 

About ESCO (Ear Service Company)

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Privacy Policy: HearUSA respects your privacy, we do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. 

Since 1989, ESCO (Ear Service Company) has been the leader in warranties and loss replacement coverage on devices for the hearing impaired. Patients' peace-of-mind is our top priority. 

Hearing is and always will be the tool we use to stay connected to life. It tells us what the weather is like outside, what our children are feeling when they call and what a friend has been up to when they deliver a handshake. 

Hearing keeps us present. It keeps us rooted in today. It keeps our connections alive. ESCO insurance coverage is designed to protect those connections. 

Life was meant to be heard! Ensure your link to its everyday sounds with an ESCO Plan that is right for your lifestyle. 

AARP Members:

What is Protection Plus?

For a limited time you will receive a FREE carton of batteries with purchase of ESCO insurance coverage!

Protection Plus is an easy and affordable insurance coverage plan for your existing hearing aids. This plan provides loss and accidental damage coverage, and can be purchased at any point in the life of the device. 

If your hearing device is lost or accidentally damaged, Protection Plus makes replacement easy. You only need to contact ESCO to file a claim. 

If during your coverage period you decide to upgrade your hearing instruments, you may cancel your policy and have the pro-rated balance reimbursed to you. 

For those interested in adding Repair Coverage to a policy, we also have the ESCO Platinum Plan. 

  • Term - Annual insurance policy
  • Single replacement - (1) loss/accidental damage beyond repair over policy term 
  • Benefits may be renewed annually

Fill out the form below to request more information on insuring your hearing instruments for loss and accidental damage protection.