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Call HearUSA at 1-877-468-7556 for information on how to receive a captioned telephone at
no-cost and to schedule a hearing appointment!

Hearing loss can make even a simple phone call frustrating. You may be able to piece together most of what is being said, but when it comes to the details - you either get them or you don't.

No-Cost* Captioned Telephone!

Privacy Policy: HearUSA respects your privacy, we do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. 

With the captioned telephone, you can read the words being spoken to you over the phone as you listen. During the conversation, you can read and listen, while responding directly to the other person. Captions are generated through advanced voice recognition technology, provided by a live Communications Assistant, and appear directly on the large, built-in screen of the phone. 

Call HearUSA today at 1-877-468-7556 to schedule an appointment and ask about the no-cost phone offer!

AARP Members:

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Call HearUSA toll-free 1-877-468-7556

You may be eligible to receive a captioned telephone at no-cost.
Call HearUSA at 1-877-468-7556 
to find out how!

The captioned telephone also offers other valuable features, such as:

  • Adjustable volume amplification
  • Ability to save captions for review later
  • Answering machine functionality (messages also captioned)
  • Large, easy-to-use buttons
  • Touch-screen navigation
  • And more!

*Certification of Hearing Loss is required.
Telephone Service and high-speed internet are required.

*Required Fields


Your callers do not need any special equipment or a captioned phone in order to call you. It's simple for them, and simple for you!

Right now, you may be eligible to receive a captioned telephone at no-cost. To find out how, call HearUSA today!

Discover real possibilities for better hearing!