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AARP Members:

Preserve your hearing with custom ear protection through the AARP® Hearing Care Program provided by HearUSA!

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Noise can cause cumulative damage to your hearing.

SkyComfort Flight Noise Protection:

SkyComfort reduces disturbing loud noises like turbine or engine sounds occurring during flight.

Swim Protection:

Signia swim protection provides a tight and custom fit so it can protect sensitive ears from irritation or infection caused by water in the ears.

Hunting Protection:

Protect your ears while shooting – at the range or while hunting. Custom-made to fit your ear so they offer maximum protection from loud, harmful sounds and the sudden “impulse noise” coming from a gun.

Workplace Protection:

Safeguard your ears on the job comfortably, discreetly, and without sacrificing speech intelligibility.

Music Protection:

Enjoy rock concerts, heavy metal music, and sports events at a reduced level without losing sound quality.